Supply Chain Solutions

Great tasting products need robust supply chain solutions. We have a network of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers to cater to your company’s specific needs.

  • Business Continuity
  • Ingredient Selection
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Packaging Solutions

Solryza is a food tech company that provides technical ingredient and supply chain solutions. We’re on a mission to make plant-based the norm, and not the alternative. We accomplish that by partnering with mission-based startups to mid-sized companies. Ingredients don’t come with instructions, and that’s where we come in.

Plant-based ingredients are a challenge to formulate as we push the boundaries in functional foods and supplements. We’re here to help expedite and overcome those barriers. Our services include product development, ingredient selection, custom ingredient systems, and supply chain management.  Our approach is to help you create and commercialize a product that has great flavor, taste, stability, and functions as intended. We focus entirely on products and brands that improve our environment. If you’re on a mission, make Solryza part of your team.

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